How to gather Mobalib's all-around services around a coherent and inspiring showcase?

  • 2019
  • UX Design - Webdesign - Branding - Intégration
  • Mobalib


Mobalib is a start-up which aims to offer digital solutions to people with disabilities.


For more than 2 years I’ve had the chance to participate in the making of Mobalib’s visual identity, by taking an active role in the making of the global digital solutions. For this project, it was about designing the corporate website of Mobalib. The idea was gathering all the services and products, and those yet to come, around a shared philosophy marked by the accessibility problematic.


Mobalib’s website is a simple showcase website consisting of 6 pages. After some deep thinking regarding the architecture, it has been decided that we’ll split Mobalib’s services in half. One about product Innovation and another one about Guiding clients with services and expertise around accessibility.

As the MobaLink social network is currently the main product of Mobalib, its promotion is more important than for the other products.

A corporate identity, made simultaneously with a graphic designer, highlights the using of anthracite with MobaLink’s main color, the green, to bring more sobriety and serious to Mobalib’s approach to business.


I integrated every bit of Mobalib’s website using NuxtJs framework, allowing easily to use for instance dynamic routing or reusable components. While every Mobalib products is based on that framework, it’s very simple to build and reuse previous components, for example forms.

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