Mobalib is a start-up which aims to offer digital solutions to people with disabilities. These solutions are based on a social network, a real platform of expression for both users and qualified professionals who can create their own service page.


Whether it was mobile applications, desktop ones, motion design or illustrations, Mobalib allowed me to take an active part in creating its social network digital presence, MobaLink. I worked, among others, in direct collaboration with Charlotte Habiche, Cognitive Engineer, and Robin Guinant, full-stack developer. I took an active part in the designing, from ideation to front-end development.


Showcase website

How to build a showcase website enough convincing to get users to sign up ?

See the styleguide

Social network

How to build an attractive social platform for an audience with special needs ?

Mobalib’s social network revolves around two main features : Search for an information and Help the community. In Helping, users can ask questions or simply interact with each other. Those interactions are then findable using the search feature. The goal here is to build a social network but also to create a true self-sufficient disability information database.

The post is at the social network’s core, it’s what makes users stay on the network, but it’s also a source of discovery and knowledge when it’s used within search. A post can be set as urgent when the user needs a answer within 7 days.

Mobile app

How to adapt a platform on mobile technologies ?

I’ve proceeded to make an adaptation of the desktop social network to a mobile app one.

The post creation process :

  • User needs to have an idea of how long the process will take and mostly know where he is.

Motion Design & Illustrations

Mobalib needed a video introducing the social network, that could be displayed as a promotional object and also as an asset of the showcase website.

Other projects :