How might we find a digital solution allowing supermarkets and consumers collaboration around the circular economy ?

  • 2019
  • UX Design - Information architecture
  • ECV Digital


SaveEat is an app project organised as part of the ECV Digital Hackaton in 2018, with circular economy as the central theme. We took the decision to develop an app to raise awareness against food waste.


In this project, I worked closely with David Mussard and Chloé Mahé, which represented our group’s marketing and design departements, so that we could build the best experience depending on our target audience.


Two main goals emerged :

For supermarkets :

  • Rehabilitate unsold products,
  • Reduce the volume of waste.

For consumers :

  • Adopt a more environmental-friendly mode of consumption,
  • At low cost.


prix de la meilleure ux
Above, a screen capture of the process from home page to payment

My work on this project goes from the app's information architecture, user flows and general wording.

See opposite, the tree view, built in collaboration with the design team.


The green #1CD388 to mention the environmental approach, and also to breath dynamism into the app.

The grey #dfdfdf as a background or secondary color.


Circular STD


🎉 We have been rewarded with the “Best User Experience” award !

prix de la meilleure ux

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